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RE: Writes – Review & $250 giveaway! (ends 8/22/12)

I just entered this great giveaway to win a Back to School Prize Package valued at $250! This could be a great help to anyone with children who are heading back to school!  Don't miss your chance to enter to win!  Follow the link!

New RE: Writes – Review & $250 giveaway at She Scribes!





Mavalous Snazzy Tape

I know most people don't enjoy the job of wrapping gifts, especially for major holidays. Covering present after present with paper can be a really tedious job. I'm probably one of the very few who actually enjoys the task of wrapping. To me, it's a challenge to make each individually wrapped package look as beautiful as possible. I like the idea that a gift can be wrapped so artfully and prettily that the opener wonders what delights will be found underneath  the paper. After all, if so much effort and thought was put into the wrapping job, the gift inside must be just as fabulous as the wrapping!

To make a my gifts really pop in their paper, I've found it's really necessary to have awesome wrapping tools. Fancy papers and ribbons, small themed knick-knacks that can be attached to gift tags, bows and ribbons, the know-how to fold paper creatively... All of that makes the gifts I wrap extra special.

The tape to hold all of this together, however... Well, it's just tape. I slap it on close the deal. Bam! Another gift wrapped. I never thought about fancy tapes... Until I came across this giveaway for Mavalous Snazzy Tape this morning!

I entered to win. I really want this tape! It would totally complete my wrapping experience.

You can enter to win some, too! Just follow the link below. Good luck!

Mavalous Snazzy Tape Giveaway!





Kitty A Go Go Litter box Review & Giveaway ends 8/12 Daily

Let's face it, kitty litter boxes are not part of a home's appeal. They never look stylish and they are a pain to clean. Until now! 

I just entered to win this ultra chic Kitty A Go Go Litter Box. If you have a cat, you have to check this giveaway out and enter!

Kitty A Go Go Litter Box Giveaway!!!





Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Giveaway! (ends 8/6/12)

Honestly, I have not read these books or seen the movies, but my two youngest boys rave about them. They have their favorite characters and talk about them a lot. I'm all for promoting reading and am so glad that there are books like these to encourage my boys (and all children) to take an early interest in reading.

I was very happy to see this giveaway for Diary of a Wimpy Kid. First prize is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (book) AND the past two movies on DVD (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.) Two runners up will each receive  a copy of the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

The give away ends on 8-6-2012, so be sure to head on over and get your entries in soon! Just follow the link!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Giveaway! On She Scribes




Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Every Day Sweepstakes

Today, July 26th, I came across this sweep for Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Every Day. One of my favorite things to do to relax is crocheting. I love to do it not only because the rythms of hooking relaxes me, but because I have a lovely, handmade product at the end of my efforts. If you love to crochet like I do, be sure to enter to win this one. Just follow the link! Good luck!



Favordeal Jewelry Giveaway! (Ends Aug 25) 

If you're like me, you love to accessorize with clips, bags and (most especially) jewelry!  Right now, there's a sweet little giveaway going on for some adorable jewelry from Favordeal.  Several peices are being given away like this charming Vintage Unique Tennis Bracelet.


I entered through the Crouton's Corner blog and you can, too until August 25th. So head on over to get those entries in. Good luck!






Christmas in July Hop...

Here's a great little low entry give away with some fun prizes. The prizes for this give away are Raw Chocolate Sampler $36.96
CoppyKids DVD worth  $20 plus a $25 Whole Foods gift card 
Estimated retail value of $75.00!  This was one I had to enter! Get on over and enter, too. Just follow the link!


Rubbermaid LunchBlox Giveaway

So today (July 19, 2012) I found this neat little give away. These are storage containers by Rubbermaid, specifically designed to tote around food in your lunch box. They look pretty cool to me. I wouldn't mind winning a set, so I thought other people might like to know about them and the giveaway. To enter, just follow the link!



Fembody: Appetite Control Gum Review & Giveaway

I work out and try to eat right, but I have to admit that the snacking (especially on those addictive potato chips!) gets the better of me at times. I'm nearly at my goal weight, but the home stretch isn't looming as large as I'd like, so any little boost to help me out is always welcome. I was happy to find this giveaway for an appetite control gum.

There's a nice review for the gum and the giveaway, too. So follow the link to read all about it and enter to win some!


63 Easy To Crochet Pattern Stitches

Here's another sweepstakes for crochet enthusiasts!

Learn 63 stitches to help you create lovely handmade gifts for friends and loved ones or yourself! I'm of the opinion that the more stitches you know, the more creative you can be!

Follow the link to win a copy of 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches.


Mini Christmas Crochet by Val Piece Online Sweepstakes

I mention all the time that I'm interested in all sorts of arts and crafts. One of my favorite artsy-craftsy pastimes is crochet. I learned to crochet (just simple things, like two-colored striped scarves) when I was about 12 years old from the nun who managed the school nurse's office at my elementary school. She was never without a crochet hook in her hand and I was always amazed and delighted by the wonderful creations she produced with a simple hook and yarn.

Today, I came across this sweepstakes for a book called Mini Christmas Crochet by Val Pierce. This book really appeals to me because it has 20 patterns dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies, crochet! And hey! Who doesn't love Christmas and hand-made Christmas crafts.

Follow this link and enter to win your own copy of Mini Christmas Crochet by Val Pierce!

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