Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Being Careful to Find the Happy and the Good...

One of the things I was worried about when I first decided to start a blog was that I would end up using it as a place to carry on a continuous stream of ranting or vents. I saw right away that I could very easily use this space to complain about everything; businesses or services that I've had problems with, that annoying neighbor down the street, a bad day with the kids, bad hair days, or just a bad day in general.

Yes, I could see how very easily I could start a big old whine fest right here online. But that isn't what I wanted to do! That's why I named my blog Haunted Dollie's Happy Hideaway! I want to blog about the happy things that life has to offer and the happy things that occur in the lives of my family.

I'm not saying that bad things don't happen. They do. And when a product or service not only does not meet expectations, but falls way short of a consumers needs and wants, I believe that consumers should speak up in any forum they can. How else can other people be made aware of shoddy merchandise and shady business practices? In speaking out, the consumer is taking steps to stand up for themselves and to protect others from having similar bad experiences.

I had an extremely bad experience with a company yesterday. I am very unhappy right now. I do plan to post about this experience... Later.

Simply because I had such an extremely bad experience, not only with the product but with the customer service I received, it would be very easy for me to lose sight of the good experiences I have had lately. And there have been several of those! Just as I believe bad products and customer service should be exposed, so do I believe that great products and awesome customer service should be acknowledged, so people can benefit from these products and have happy experiences. It's all well and good to be warned away from the bad and actively avoiding it. It's so much better to be made aware of the good and actively seek that.

So while I will be detailing my bad experience, once I calm down a little and can (hopefully) be more objective (though honestly I don't think I can be more objective than to relate exactly what happened and the results,) I plan to first post about some really wonderful experiences I have had with some really amazing bloggers, wonderful companies with great products, and the customer service people working with these companies.

I want to focus on the good and the happy, first and foremost, here on my blog and in my life. I think part of the path to happiness is not to ignore the bad, but making the baddies accountable, and finding a way to improve or fix an unhappy situation. But focusing on and appreciating the good even before dealing with the bad is more important.

Be on the look out for my first three reviews (no giveaways associated with these,) over the next few days. I'm looking forward to the writing of them, not only because I enjoy writing and want to keep my blog updated, but because the reviews I am planning are for companies, products and people who deserve support. I look forward to supporting them now that I know about them and having been the beneficiary of their excellence and quality.

So here's to having found the happy and the good... The bad can wait!

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