Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogging is Hard!


Blogging is Hard!

It really is!

I am really new to blogging (except for a few very old MySpace posts that no one really looked at anyway) and in the past few weeks since I started actively working on my blog and , before that, while was considering what to do with it, I discovered that it is no easy task!

Blogging is hard!

I fancy that I am a good writer. I can even find quite a bit to write about. The writing isn't what I consider hard, though I am sure it can be for some people and I will probably go through stretches where I will be pulling my hair out while I think of topics.

No, it isn't the writing that I find hard. It's pretty much everything else! And believe me, there is so much else to blogging that goes far beyond actual writing.

While I was merely inspired by other bloggers prior to actually putting up my blog, I am now awed! My respect and admiration has grown by leaps and bounds! How do they do it all? How did they learn to do it?

There is so much to this blogging endeavor. I see that... NOW!

Take a look at my blog page. It is so plain and simple and basic... It's sad! Of course, I don't want it that way, but I have to face it. I am at a loss when it comes to more than basic HTML code. I can make text bold or italicize it and I can change font colors, but adding a button to my page or creating one of my own are skills I long to acquire. So far, though, they have eluded me. I figured out how to put a header up, but I can't make it look right! That's why there is none there besides the name of my blog.

As for the giveaways and reviews... Well, I don't even know how to start to be involved in those things, let alone listing them on my page and making them look so pretty and slick as they are on other blogs.

I have learned that there is a lot of networking involved in blogging. I think that is a great thing but, again, I'm not sure how to get started doing that. The more experienced bloggers must be so busy if they can do all of the things I can't. They have family, friends and other things to look after, and their blogs, too. I don't want to be a bother to anyone and I have no idea how to approach other bloggers without saying, "Hey! I'm new and pathetically unknowledgeable but want to learn, please be my friend!"

I suppose the upshot of all of this is to say that bloggers are amazing! They do so much and people, when entering those giveaways, should keep in mind all of the work and know-how involved in blogging and providing reviews, giveaways, other content to read, and just maintaining a blog.

I, for one, really understand now why bloggers deserve those votes on Picket Fences, the likes on Facebook and the follows on Twitter and Pinterest, and other things that might be asked for on a RaffleCopter form. Bloggers who go to so much work really do deserve the recognition for their efforts!

Someday, I hope to grow into a blogger like those whose work I already enjoy... I hope, someday, to be able to say, "Yes, blogging is still a lot of work, but now it isn't so hard!"


  1. Oh I remember this all so well. When I started blogging, there were many tears shed and much screaming. You are right, there is SO much to learn!

    To add buttons to your sidebar, just choose "gadget" (I think that's what it's called on Blogger), and insert the code (for instance, the code for a favorite blog! You can then move the gadget around wherever you want.

    It will all come to you - it takes time. I learned everything from Google pretty much - there are so many tutorials out there that are really helpful.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for stopping by and for the help with the buttons! I will definitely be trying that. There are a few blogs that I really like (yours included!) and a couple of bloggers who have been very supportive and helpful. I would like to be able to put their buttons on my page.